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Famous Quotes of All Time - Year 2000

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Famous Quotes of All Time -Year 2000
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August - 2000

August 31, 2000

Unless we can find some way to keep our sights on tomorrow, we cannot expect to be in touch with today.
  —Dean Rusk

August 30, 2000

Let a fool hold his tongue and he will pass for a sage.
  —Publius Syrus

August 29, 2000

Bodily pain affects man as a whole down to the deepest layers of his moral being.
  —Pope Pius XII

August 28, 2000

Once a place becomes special, it’s no longer special.
  —Peter Storey

August 27, 2000

I almost always urge people to write in the first person…. Writing is an act of ego and you might as well admit it.
  —William Zinsser

August 26, 2000

While there is one untrodden tract / For intellect or will, / And men are free to think and act, / Life is worth living still.
  —Alfred Austin

August 25, 2000

Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.
  —Barnett Brickner

August 24, 2000

I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.
  —Henry R. Luce

August 23, 2000

When I am here, I do not fast on Saturday; when at Rome, I do fast on Saturday.
  —Saint Augustine

August 22, 2000

Deep vers’d in books, and shallow in himself.
  —John Milton

August 21, 2000

Take care of those who work for you and you’ll float to greatness on their achievements.
  —H.S.M. Burns

August 20, 2000

Nothing is so soothing to our self-esteem as to find our bad traits in our forebears. It seems to absolve us.
  —Van Wyck Brooks

August 19, 2000

Religion is more like response to a friend than it is like obedience to an expert.
  —Austin Farrer

August 18, 2000

When you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. When you have the law on your side, argue the law. When you have neither, holler.
  —Albert Gore, Jr

August 17, 2000

Time still, as he flies, brings increase to her truth, / And gives to her mind what he steals from her youth.
  —Edward Moore

August 16, 2000

Puritanism, believing itself quick with the seed of religious liberty, laid, without knowing it, the egg of democracy.
  —James Russell Lowell

August 15, 2000

How fading are the joys we dote upon! / Like apparitions seen and gone. / But those which soonest take their flight / Are the most exquisite and strong.
  —John Norris

August 14, 2000

Having served on various committees, I have drawn up a list of rules: Never arrive on time; this stamps you as a beginner. Don’t say anything until the meeting is half over; this stamps you as being wise. Be as vague as possible; this avoids irritating the others. When in doubt, suggest that a subcommittee be appointed. Be the first to move for adjournment; this will make you popular; it’s what everyone is waiting for.
  —Harry Chapman

August 13, 2000

Out of our beliefs are born deeds; out of our deeds we form habits; out of our habits grows our character; and on our character we build our destiny.
  —Henry Hancock

August 12, 2000

Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well? They have the same enemy—the mother.
  —Claudette Colbert

August 11, 2000

The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work.
  —Agha Hasan Abedi

August 10, 2000

To keep your marriage brimming, / With love in the loving cup, / Whenever you’re wrong, admit it; / Whenever you’re right, shut up.
  —Ogden Nash

August 9, 2000

A speech is like an airplane engine. It may sound like hell but you’ve got to go on.
  —William Thomas Piper

August 8, 2000

To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.
  —Carl Sagan

August 7, 2000

All that we see or seem / Is but a dream within a dream.
  —Edgar Allan Poe

August 6, 2000

She’s got what I call bobsled looks: going downhill fast.
  —Craig Nova

August 5, 2000

Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.
  —George Orwell

August 4, 2000

I did not direct my life. I didn’t design it. I never made decisions. Things always came up and made them for me. That’s what life is.
  —B.F. Skinner

August 3, 2000

We cannot make good news out of bad practice.
  —Edward R. Murrow

August 2, 2000

It would be very glamorous to be reincarnated as a great big ring on Liz Taylor’s finger.
  —Andy Warhol

August 1, 2000

It should be done with the same degree of alacrity and nonchalance that you would display in authorizing a highly intelligent trained bear to remove your appendix.
  —Dan Greenberg

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