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Famous Quotes of All Time - Year 2002

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Famous Quotes of All Time -Year 2000
Famous Quotes of All Time - Year 2001
Famous Quotes of All Time - Year 2002

August - 2002

August 31, 2002

Good people are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure. We get very little wisdom from success, you know.
  —William Saroyan

August 30, 2002

Life is obstinate and clings closest where it is most hated.
  —Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

August 29, 2002

The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. For in all the states of created beings capable of laws, where there is no law, there is no freedom.
  —John Locke

August 28, 2002

Tolerance should really be only a temporary attitude; it must lead to recognition. To tolerate means to offend.
  —J.W. von Goethe

August 27, 2002

Exercise and application produce order in our affairs, health of body, cheerfulness of mind, and these make us precious to our friends.
  —Thomas Jefferson

August 26, 2002

So far as we are human, what we do must be either evil or good: so far as we do evil or good, we are human: and it is better, in a paradoxical way, to do evil than to do nothing: at least we exist.
  —T.S. Eliot

August 25, 2002

What’s terrible is that there’s nothing terrible, that the very essence of life is petty, uninteresting, and degradingly trite.
  —Ivan Turgenev

August 24, 2002

To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god.
  —Jorge Luis Borges

August 23, 2002

Degenerate sons and daughters, / Life is too strong for you— / It takes life to love Life.
  —Edgar Lee Masters

August 22, 2002

In quickness is truth. The faster you blurt, the more swiftly you write, the more honest you are.
  —Ray Bradbury

August 21, 2002

Those who love to be feared fear to be loved, and they themselves are more afraid than anyone, for whereas other men fear only them, they fear everyone.
  —Saint Francis de Sales

August 20, 2002

We have met the enemy, and they are ours.
  —Oliver H. Perry

August 19, 2002

We need a new spirit of community, a sense that we are all in this together, or the American Dream will continue to wither. Our destiny is bound up with the destiny of every other American.
  —Bill Clinton

August 18, 2002

If we are to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment: Thou shalt not ration justice.
  —Learned Hand

August 17, 2002

You do not know what the black man is capable of; you do not know what he is thinking and therefore you do not know what the oppressed and suppressed Negro, by virtue of his condition and circumstance, may give to the world as a surprise.
  —Marcus Garvey

August 16, 2002

Commercial rock ’n’ roll music is a brutalization of the stream of contemporary Negro church music … an obscene looting of a cultural expression.
  —Ralph Ellison

August 15, 2002

This death’s livery which walled its bearers from ordinary life was sign that they have sold their wills and bodies to the State: and contracted themselves into a service not the less abject for that its beginning was voluntary.
  —T.E. Lawrence

August 14, 2002

Religion was nearly dead because there was no longer real belief in future life; but something was struggling to take its place—service—social service—the ants’ creed, the bees’ creed.
  —John Galsworthy

August 13, 2002

He who first shortened the labor of Copyists by device of Movable Types was disbanding hired Armies and cashiering most Kings and Senates and creating a whole new Democratic world: he had invented the Art of printing.
  —Thomas Carlyle

August 12, 2002

O beautiful for heroes proved / In liberating strife, / Who more than self their country loved, / And mercy more than life!
  —Katharine Lee Bates

August 11, 2002

A hermitage in the forest is the refuge of the narrow-minded misanthrope; a hammock on the ocean is the asylum for the generous distressed.
  —Herman Melville

August 10, 2002

Art is an action against death. It is a denial of death.
  —Jacques Lipchitz

August 9, 2002

Good company and good discourse are the very sinews of virtue.
  —Izaak Walton

August 8, 2002

Piles of gold are not as good as stores of grain.
  —Chinese proverb

August 7, 2002

Palestine is the cement that holds the Arab world together, or it is the explosive that blows it apart.
  —Yasir Arafat

August 6, 2002

Intelligence will seize the immediate meaning in a situation and evaluate it. Intellect evaluates evaluations, and looks for the meanings of situations as a whole.
  —Richard Hofstadte

August 5, 2002

Ethics is in origin the art of recommending to others the sacrifices required for cooperation with oneself.
  —Bertrand Russell

August 4, 2002

I think that the leaf of a tree, the meanest insect on which we trample, are in themselves arguments more conclusive than any which can be adduced that some vast intellect animates Infinity.
  —Percy Bysshe Shelley

August 3, 2002

And I shall find some girl perhaps, / And a better one than you, / With eyes as wise, but kindlier, / And lips as soft, but true, / And I daresay she will do.
  —Rupert Brooke

August 2, 2002

We have all had the experience of finding that our reactions and perhaps even our deeds have denied beliefs we thought were ours.
  —James Baldwin

August 1, 2002

There is all of the difference in the world between paying and being paid.
  —Herman Melville

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