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Love doesn't seek what's not there. Love accepts all pains to bear. Love that doesn't die is love that we can't see. Love is just waiting so please just wait for me.
I'm frustrated coz I can't feel your touch. I'm frustrated coz I miss you so much. I'm frustrated coz we can't be together. I'm frustrated coz I'll love you forever.
Always remember that if a person loved you once, after a hundred years, there will still be some of that love no matter how much he denies it.
When I first met you, my heart says, "I like you." When the days gone by, my heart says, "I miss you." The moment I can't find you, my heart says, "I need you." Now I know more about you, my heart says, "I love you."
Love will fly if held too lightly. Love will die if held too tightly. Lightly or tightly, How will I know if I'm still keeping you or I'm letting go?
Don't let me walk alone, I want to walk by your side. Don't let me talk to someone else, it's you I want to talk with. Don't let me fall for someone else, it's you I fell in love with.
I can't give you a kiss, because it won't be right. I can't give you a hug, for I'll hug too tight. And I can't give you my heart, for its been with you right from the start.
When you smiled, you had my undivided attention. When you laugh, you had me laughing with you. When you cried, you had my urge to hold you. When you said that you loved the real me, you had my heart forever.
You told me I'm special, you told me you care, you told me you miss me, you told me you'll always be there. I asked you "Why?" you said "Coz I love you". I asked if it's true, you said, "Of course! You're my friend, aren't you?"
It's hard to live alone. It's harder to choose someone you could love. But the hardest part of living is to admit that you have fallen in love with someone you didn't mean to love from the start.
A guy and a girl can be "Just friends" but one point or another, one of them will fall for the other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late or maybe, just maybe forever.
Someday you'll find the one you're looking for. One who would treat you right, one who would love you endlessly. Someday you'll see the love you're destined to be and I'll be left wondering why that person isn't me.
It's not my fault if I can't help looking at you. It's not my fault if I can't stop calling you. Its not my fault that I like you, my only fault was to helplessly fall in love with you.
How can life go on when you're not here by my side? How will I stand the test of time when you're with someone else? How can I continue living when all you'll ever be is a friend, nothing more?
Sometimes I wonder how people can become so insensitive. You show them all your love and yet nothing happens. And how insensitive can we get too, we still love them even if we knew.
To love is nothing, to be loved is something, to love and be loved is everything. I'm nothing, you're something, can I be your everything?
I can't choose who to love, but I also just can't love who chooses to love me. And you can't blame me for choosing to love you, as much as I can't blame you for not learning to love me.
I'm just wondering…would you smile if I smile at you? Would you say hello if I greeted you? Would you talk to me if I talked to you? Would you add the word "Too" if I tell you I love you?
I used to wonder why I couldn't seem to find the right person. I've even asked God why he wouldn't allow me to commit myself to anyone. It took me years to know the answer, God wanted me to wait for you.
Do you ever wonder why you still haven't found your perfect mate? Why the more you search, the more they hide? Its because you always look ahead, you always look behind and you don't bother to look who's beside you.
In my heart there's a feeling left unused, afraid that I would be rejected. There's a need for me to be loved but scared that this someone is not for me to have. If I say this someone is you, would you care to love me too?
If God takes the life that I borrowed right this very moment, I'll ask him one last favor… to bring me back on earth and do one important task, to have a glimpse of you and die again…in your arms this time.
I guess to have you will never be and I have to accept it even if it hurts me. But there's one thing I'll ask from you and hope it will be ok, will you let me love you until I get over you? 
When someone push you down, I'll be here to pull you up. When someone makes you sad, I'll be here to make you smile. When someone says goodbye, I'll be here to stay with you.
Never say I'm happy, when you're sad. Never say you're fine when you're not ok. Never say you feel good, when you feel bad. And never say you're alone, when I'm still here.
Its ok for me to be your friend, it's better than nothing, right? But what really sucks about all this is knowing though my love is great, that's all I'll ever be, your friend.
Is loving you really that hard? Tears fall each time I loved you that much and it doesn't mean anything to you. But if loving you means I have to wait and cry my whole life, I will…coz I love you.
If a star fall from the sky, would you pick it up? If an angel fall on the ground, would you pick him up? If I fall for you, would you pick me up?
If I let go I know I'd cry, I won't probably recover if I try. If I let go, I know I'd die, I'll ruin my life if I don't say goodbye. But if I don't let go, I know for sure "Us" is just a lie.
Its in your eyes that I have seen such look that breaks my heart within. It is in your mouth that I have heard such word that makes me feel so hurt. It's in the way you're making me feel that you would never love me the way I wish you would.
I was born with a heart like the rest of you. But just recently, I found it in half. Could you please check your heart? It might be holding my missing half.
Why can't you feel what I want you to feel? Why can't you do what I want you to do? Why can't you love me now that I'm loving you? But the big question is, why do you keep me falling so much for you?
Don't stop the tears from falling, I'm here to wipe them dry, here to stop the hurting whenever someone says goodbye. I may not be the person to make the hurting end, but I'd do anything to never see you hurt again.
There are times when I can't decide if I want to see you or not. I want to see you coz I miss you but there are times when I don't want to. Coz every time I do, the fact that you don't see me the way I see you hurts even more.
Slowly, you feel me slipping away from you, not because I realized that I don't love you, but because I'm in a place where I'm not supposed to stay. Slowly, I'll be gone, but did you ever knew I was here?
I don't know why I don't get tired of missing and loving you. This may be the feeling I know my heart will always have for you. I may run out of reasons to love you, but I surely won't run out of love to give you.
Stop telling me to go, its not yet my time to leave, there's still so much to share and love to give, don't know why you can't see what I'm trying to do. So stop telling me to go, I'm not yet done loving you.
If my heart is about to break for you, I want it to be broken not into two but into thousand pieces for this heart will never choose to love again if not for you.
I never intended to be the most important person in your life, that's just too much to ask. But I do hope time would come that I'll cross your mind and you'd smile thinking that I touched your life the way you touched mine.
Sometimes I'm hurt so much that I just want to run away, run away as far as I could. But you know what really scares me? It's when I look back and I'll see you not following me anymore.
I miss you when there's no reason, how much more if there was? I miss you even if we talk, how much more if we didn't? I miss you after we're together, how much more if I see you never? I miss you now, how much more later?
I love you so much it makes me cry coz I know that one day, when it finally happens, someone would take you away or you would have to leave and my love would not be enough to make you stay.
You came to touch me, to comfort, to hold me tight, to care for me, to love me…then I fell for you. But you told me that all you did what was any friend would do.
I guarantee there'll be tough times, I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us would want to get out, but I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life.
Of all the days you've been away, I seem to miss you more today. All I have is a starless sky, hopes and dreams to get on by. Though there's no reason for you to be near, I know its crazy but I wish you were here.
Someday, you'll find someone better than me, someone who'll let you see things that I have never shown you and when that time comes, just don't forget that what I gave you is the best that I have and what I am to you is the best that I am.
Why is it after all this time we've been together, I've never really considered you as a friend? Its not coz I don't want you to be one but because ever since, I've hoped and prayed you will be much more than a friend to me.
If you need a shoulder to cry on call on me and I'll be there but still I don't wanna see you cry coz every drop of your tear is every wound in my heart.
Can I ask you something? Can you be there for me when I'm all alone? Can you do something for me? Can you hug me tight and never let you go? Can you do me a favor? Can you love me the way I loved you?
You won't believe me when I say I like you, but deep inside its true. It's hard to accept the feeling when you have someone else. Giving him your heart, while here I am, still giving you mine.
Once you think you're sad and lonely, just think that you're with me. Once you think that you're alone, think that I'm here for you to lean on. Once you think that nobody loves you, think again! I exist right?


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