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English Love Quotes
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I may not be expressive to tell you I care, I may be foolish and childish in ways and at times you'll get annoyed, but don't be fooled by the moods I wear coz deep down inside I care.
They say you're not the one for me and that I have to set you free. They told me that things would never be the way you want them to be. They can say anything, but what else can they do? Now that I'm already deeply in love with you.
I hope you know behind my smile, there are tears. Behind my laughters, there are sorrows. I know I'm just a friend to you but I think you ought to know that behind this friendship, there's my love for you.
Aww… its night again. I never really liked sleeping probably its because every time I close my eyes, I see you, and when I wake up, my eyes are all cried out over you. Coz you were all a dream and it'll always be that way, you… a dream.
I don't understand the feeling whenever you walk away. But when I see you not around, I always wish you'd stay. But now I've finally realized how foolish I've been, to think there was something else when friendship's all you mean.
I wanna be with you coz I love you but sometimes it hurts me when I'm with you coz no matter how long I look in your eyes, I know I can never reach your heart.
In love, never put yourself in a situation when you don't know where to stay in a person's life. Never expect, never assume, so that when she decides to drop you, you still have the strength to move on.
Two teardrops floating down the river, one teardrop said to the other, "I'm a teardrop of a girl who loved a man and lost him. Who are you?" "I'm a teardrop of a man who regret letting a girl go."
You know what I would never do? I'd never swim the deepest sea, I'd never jump from a tree, I'd never dive from the sky. But there's one thing I would do, I'd do the things I'd never do just for you.
Here I am, throwing myself at you, hoping that you'll love me too. But then you hold my hand and told me it'll never come true. Though it hurts me more than it used to, I'll still be a fool waiting for you.
I don't know why I keep on loving you despite the fact that I'll get hurt again just like before. I never learn coz I don't want to, not now, not while I'm still strong to fall for you over and over again.
If I could, I'll not only catch you but hold you forever, not only stay with you but be with you for a lifetime, not only care for you but love you for the rest of my life… if only I could.
I'll give you my life, I'll lend you my heart. Just don't disregard this important part, that in this world, there's one thing I'm too weak to do and that's to stop falling in love with you.
It hurts me to see you alone. Makes me wanna be with you and do everything I can to cheer you up. When the time comes that you feel like needing someone to be beside you, tell me…I want to be the one to stay with you.
If you want me to stay, I will. If you want me to go, well…ok. But if one day you see me slowly fading, its not because I don't care anymore. It would be for one reason, you pushed me away.
If I count how many times you've crossed my mind in my entire life, I'd be lying if I said it was too many. Coz you only crossed my mind once, why? Coz you never left it.
If I could wish and make it come true, that's to spend my life with you. If I could speak to let you know, that's to say I love you so. If I could hold you and let it still, that's to embrace you and love you for real.
If the words "I like you" isn't enough, can I say "I love you" instead? If "I miss you" isn't enough, can I say "I need you" instead? But what if I say "You" being a friend isn't enough, can you just be mine?
Friends say I'm stupid for loving someone who'd never notice me. They say I'm a fool and all I'll end up to be is broken hearted. I said they're wrong coz if they ever knew what I could see in you, they'd be crazy loving you.
I've been loving you for so long that the pain of not having you has already made me feel numb. I've been trying to fall in love with someone else but why is it that I always end up falling for you?
A lot of people have asked me why I love and I answered back with a quiet smile not because I don't have an answer but because they would never understand.
I love you but I'm not asking anything in return. I never ask you to care for me, to think of me or even to love me. But I can't remember, did I ever ask you to hurt me?
For many times I've said I would not love you anymore and yet everytime I lay my eyes on you, my heart starts to state this silent words which says I'm still not over you.
I can't afford to lose you coz I care for you. If you'd be gone in my life, I'm sure I wouldn't be even half as strong as I thought I could because you're the only meaning life has meant for me.
It's hard to lose someone who has become a part of your life, someone you've learned to love and can't live without. That's why when you came into my world, there's one thing left to pray…that you'll never go away.
Should you ever be leaving me, leave me while its still early, when I haven't given everything, when I could still smile, when I could still master the strength to go on.
I may be busy most of the time but never will I forget someone like you. So, I'm keeping in touch to let you know you're often in my mind, more often than you know.
You do your things, I do mine. I'm not in this world to live up to your expectation and you're not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, is there a chance for it to be you and I?
I don't know if I'm a part of you, I'm not sure if you care for me, I can't even tell how much I mean to you. But I want you to know that I almost die just at the thought of losing you.
Everyday I walk towards you hoping that I'd somehow get to be with you for at least a moment. But it's hard for me to catch up with you if you're also trying to catch up with someone else.
I love you so much that even if you broke my heart and shattered it into pieces, I'll do my best to fix and mend it so that I could love you all over again.
Ask me why I keep on loving you when it's clear that you don't feel the same way for me. The problem with me is that as much as I can't force you to love me, I can't force myself to stop loving you.
I'm down on my knees praying that you'll love him better than I did. Down on my knees begging the lord to tell you to take care of him. I loved that guy so much, I hope you will to, coz to tell you honestly we broke up because he's so much in love with you.
I know we're far from each other, but you're someone who matters to me the most. I know it may seem that I'm not always there, but I wish you could see deep inside me just how much I really care.
There are moments when I wonder what if we had never met. I could only guess how lonely I would be because to me you mean so much - you're as good as life can be.
Have you ever wondered which hurts the most, saying something and wishing you had not, and saying nothing and wishing you had?
Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them. If you do, they might break your heart. But if you don't, you might break theirs.
Have you ever decided not to become a couple because you were so afraid of losing what you already had with that person? Your heart decides whom it likes and whom it doesn't. You can't tell your heart what to do; it does it on its own…when you least suspect it, or even when you don't want to.
Have you ever wanted to love someone with everything you had, but that other person was too afraid to let you? To many of us stay walled because we are too afraid to care too much for fear that the other person does not care as much or at all.
Have you ever denied your feelings for someone because your fear of rejection was too hard to handle? We tell lies when we are afraid, afraid of what we don't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie, the thing we fear goes stronger.
Keep on searching for someone you love and when you find that person; stop the search and take the risk. Remember that the world is a big place that when you lose the one you love, you have to search the world again.
How I wish I could really tell you how much you mean to me, but I'm afraid to love, scared to get hurt, I hope that you would wait for me and pray that you will not get tired of loving me.
I'm sad when we're apart and it drives me crazy to be far from you. But whenever you're near, I end up not knowing what to do and it drives me crazy that you're there but I can't have you.
Loving you is hard to hide, the pain grows more but its still inside. So many reasons that I can't show, but I still love you more than you know. So I'll still love you even though, we're just friends…you know?
I never really wanted to let go of you but you wanted to be free. I wanted to stay but you wanted me to go. I never gave up until you told me that all the time I was loving you, you were wishing me gone.
If love matters then you matter to me, if love inspires people them I'm inspired by you, if love drives people crazy then I guess I'm crazy about you.
Everyone wants to be the sun who will light up your life, so I guess I'll just be your moon. I may not be that bright, but I promise to beam you when your sun is shining on someone else's sky!
If you tell me you miss me, I believe in you. If you tell me you care, I'll smile at you, coz I know its true. But if you tell me you love me, I might cry coz finally, you told me something I've always wanted to hear.
I don't have time to think of you today coz I'm not yet finished thinking of you yesterday.
Everytime I'm close to you, I wanna be closer. Everytime I'm looking at you, I wanna look deeper. Everytime I open my heart it always says I love you.
Never expect love to be always at its best coz if you do, you'll never appreciate its existence. Remember there will always be one true love for you to have and hold. It may not be the one you expected but it's the one you deserve.
Loving, knowing you're gonna get hurt is like living knowing you're gonna die. But not loving so you won't hurt is like killing yourself before you die.
Sometimes love is so unfair, the more you sacrifice the more you're hurt, and when you feel you've given your best, it still seems not enough until such time you had no choice but to give up.
It's so hard to pretend that you love the person when you don't. But it is much harder to pretend that you don't love the person when you do.
I don't know why I'm afraid to lose you when you're not even mine. I don't know why I love you when you don't even love me. I don't know why you're "The one" when I'm just a "Someone" to you.
Should I smile because we are friends or cry because that's all we ever will be?
I had a heart it once was true, but now it's gone from me to you. Take care of it as I have done, now you have two and I have none.
You think I'm strong, don't you? Well, though I seem to be tough, I'm afraid of one thing. That is realizing that I've lost the only person whom I gather strength from. So don't you ever go…
So many of us either fear tomorrow or regret yesterday but I won't fear tomorrow if I'd get to be with you and don't regret yesterday coz one yesterday, I met you!
If you love someone, but your someone love someone, still be the same someone as someone realize that you're not only someone, but you're "The one".
Knowing a special person like you has made me happy in a million ways and if ever I have to let you go, I would find a million reasons to make you stay.

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